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स्थानीय स्वास्थ्यकर्मी निमा धार्क्ये गुरुङ हेपाटाइटिस कार्यक्रम चलाउँदै

Mr. Nima Dharkye Gurung, a local health worker of Shey-Phoksundo Rural Municipality conducting hepatitis program at every corners of the village. 

An initiative to prevent the spread of hepatitis B in 10 villages including hepatitus B testing and vaccination program in She Foxundo Rural Municipality. The programme started in mid-October and succeeded in testing and eradicating the population of about 1,600 people. Team of health workers was successful to organize the event with the help of various organizations such as Rotary Club, DTCF, Vision Dolpo and Shay Foxumdo RM.

Additional medical treatment and support were provided to those who tested positive for the virus. The program also included vaccines that provide protection against the virus. Vaccines were given to people who were not previously vaccinated or who hadn't completed the full vaccine series.

The efforts of the organisers and supporters of the event to deliver this important event in rural areas like Upper Dolpa where access to health care is limited. The Hepatitis B screening and vaccination program in Shey Phoksundo Rural Municipality is an initiative aimed at preventing the spread of Hepatititis B in the 13 villages covered by the program. The program unknown in mid-October and covered more than 12,000 hundered people at that area. The program was organized by a team of medical professionals and supported by virus organizations such as the Rotary Club, DTCF, Vision Dolpo, and Shey Phoksumdo RM.

The program included screenings for Hepatitis B, which is a viral infection that affects the liver. Individuals who tested positive for the virus were provided with further medical treatment and support. The program also included vaccinations, which provide protection against the virus. The vaccinations were administered to individuals who had not previously been vaccinated or who had not completed the full vaccination series.

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