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सार्वजनिक सुनुवाईको केहि झलकहरु २०७९_०८० साल

Public announcements are a vital tool for communicating important information to a wide audience. They can be used to inform people about events, changes, or important updates in a variety of fields such as government, education, business, and more. Public announcements can be made through various channels including television, radio, social media, and public meetings. The frequency and content of public announcements will vary depending on the specific situation and audience.

Shey-Phoksundo Rural Municipality is located in the Dolpa district of Nepal, and as a rural municipality, they may make announcements related to local government services, community events, development projects, and emergency situations. Public announcements are an important way for the municipality to inform and engage with its citizens and keep them informed about important developments in their community.

This year, we as a combine family of Shey-Phoksundo Rural Municipality also hosted different programs based on its necessity and public announcement was one of the prior event to let public representative of SPRM about the progress of the work done and to get feedbacks from them as wel..

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